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As 15-year-old candy striper Grace gets to know 84-year-old Frank Sands, she finds “a sharper version of herself,” wittier, more intelligent, and very likable. Yet Mr. Sands is dying of Lou Gehrig’s disease, and as he steadily loses his ability to function, he has one last request of his favorite caretaker: please help him die. Former stand-up comic Epstein packs a lot into this novel. Grace’s life has several parallel story lines: her relationship with Mrs. Sands; the changing dynamic with her best friend, Eric; her parents’ divorce; and her sister’s decision to have sex with a two-timing boyfriend. Everything comes together in an authentic, breezy read that asks difficult questions and doesn’t shy away from direct answers, or the reality that answers may not exist. With well-developed adults and a teen seeking help from God and anyone she perceives as wise, this memorable novel offers food for thought and sustenance for the soul. — Frances Bradburn


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