God is in the Pancakes: a novel by Robin Epstein community news and reviews about the author about the book

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Grace Manning, 15, gets her first job at a local nursing home as a candy striper. She begins to enjoy herself when she meets Frank Sands, a resident with Lou Gehrig’s disease. He encourages Grace’s wit, teaches her to play poker, and is a surrogate for her father, who recently walked out on her family. Their relationship builds, and they have fun together in spite of their surroundings. And Frank asks a favor of her–“to help him die.” Her inner turmoil about this request is played out against her everyday concerns of school and relationships with her sister, mother, and male best friend who is slowly becoming something more. The action moves along with few lulls, and the protagonist’s voice is true for a girl her age. Readers will identify with Grace, cheer her triumphs, and empathize with her most difficult decisions and her belief that everyone finds comfort in pancakes. Fans of Sarah Dessen and Deb Caletti will rejoice at finding Epstein.–Suanne Roush, Osceola High School, Seminole, FL


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